Hey there, and welcome to our blog, “Coastal Fog Blog!!”  Coastal Fog is the name of our shop located in Artisans at 150 Plaza Drive, Greenville, North Carolina. We opened the shop in December of 2008 to display our products and design capabilities. Coastal Fog is owned by Signature Jordan, LLC, which is an interior design services firm specializing in residential interiors. If you’re reading our blog, you have probably seen our website www.signaturejordan.com . Be sure to check there for any updates, but most of our fresh and exciting products and design ideas will be published on this blog regularly. Read “ABOUT” to find out more about the mother (Marty Vainright) and daughter (Jordan Vainright Proctor) team. We are very excited to have the ability to show you our latest design ideas and the products we have to give you just the look you want for your home!