As an Interior Designer, I focus on creating warmth and appeal in interior spaces while maximizing function. I start by asking some questions- what is the purpose of this space?…what is the concept behind the room we are trying to create?…what can we do to bring in warmth and the desire to be in the space?  One might imagine that I find it just as important to use these same principles for outdoor rooms and spaces. Yet, it is often assumed that as an “interior designer”, my world only pertains to the inside of buildings. Honestly, I am just as passionate about the exterior spaces as the interior. (I give my mother credit for this love) Allowing for the interior enviroment and the exterior environment of a home to flow together not only maximizes space but I believe promotes a healthy home. I am afraid our outdoor spaces are too often overlooked or not even recognized for their potential. I would challenge you to think about creating outdoor rooms for your home.

Today I had the chance to be an “Exterior Designer”! The project on hand was to make the front exterior of a client’s home feel welcoming and commanding at the same time.  The design solution was to use two architectural planters to frame the front door/entrance to create a “room”. The overall height and the size of the planters helped to create “walls” on either side of the walkway. I am so pleased how great it looks!Exterior Design

PlantersOn to tomorrow~ I have the chance to meet with another client to design her family’s back patio and deck! This will be fun. More later…