Rocky (my husband) comes into the room and says something like this…” Have you seen my desk?” It need not be said that desks normally don’t just get lost in the shuffle. I must admit, I have a diagnosable condition (not problem) but definitely a condition…yet, I do not know its proper name. The symptoms are as follows: constant rearranging of furniture, an obsession with rotating and tweaking accessories, paired with a burning desire to create a new “room” within my existing house. If you come to my house you will see what I am talking about.

 I feel that just because a house comes with a “dining room” and a  “living room”  the function of the room should not be forever restricted to its name! My dining room is the best sitting room/reading room I could have ever hoped for, and my living room is a combo of dining room and living room now.  Take a look at the pictures. When I moved into this house, it was a very formal dining room. After a year of never ever using it, I decided it was wasted space (in a house with very limited space). So, I turned it into a room with a purpose that met my functional needs. Up until my room conversion, I did not have a place to sit and read or write letters. So this room is where I am currently sitting to write this blog!sitting roomSitting Room

You can see me dining area is combined with my living room

You can see my dining area is combined with my living room

Living room shot from dining tableHow are you using your rooms?