Check out COASTAL FOG! Today, we installed our new letters and rearranged the shop.  We now have our design board up and are updating it with our new ideas and product finds. We just received some awesome iron candle sticks and other iron accessories.

 This market, we bought some vintage pieces that you will now find in Coastal Fog. There is an old French wine rack that was used in the French wine cellars to store bottles of wine. The neat thing about it is that it keeps the wine bottles at the perfect angle in order to keep the cork moist. Also, we have an unbelievable wooden dough bowl. Back in the old days, they used these bowls to kneed the dough and roll it into the balls for baking bread. It is worth coming to see! On top of that, we  now have this INCREDIBLE table made out of centuries old wood. It is 11′ long and 42″ wide! So incredible.

New Letters and unique wares

New Letters and unique wares

One a separate note, Marty and I are now in the hunt for a Design Studio/ Retail location. We will keep Coastal Fog at Artisans forever, but we want an office and design studio where you can come see us whenever you want! We have been looking all over for a cool building. If you all know of any that strike you as being something that we would like to move into, let us know! I feel like a hermit crab looking for a new shell! It needs to be our style and fit our needs!

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