jv_w-0707Hey you all!

I am so thrilled to say that we finally picked out a place to open our new shop! We have felt for some time now that we are ready to grow and move into a location where you can come see us whenever you want to and a place that we can express our creativity everyday. Well, after intense searching in Greenville and surrounding areas, we have found a perfect spot! It is an historic house built in 1935 that is now in a commercially zoned area. The address is 312 E Tenth St. (directly beside Krispy Kream). Wait until you see the before and after shots of this place! We will be giving it an interior and exterior facelift over the next 4 weeks. Think organic and earthy with a sophisticated and classic twist. I am so excited about the Fall and being in our shop with cool weather , pumpkin spice candles and jazz music playing.  oooo lala.

We get to move into this house and have all of our unique wares from jewelery to architectural pieces and other interior furnishings right there in our shop plus, we will have our design studio there with all of the wallpaper, rugs, fabric and other materials right at our fingertips. This will allow you to come to the shop for design appointments as well as to browse and see the vintage pieces or to pick up a small gift for someone. Within this store we will offer gift wrapping so that you can come pick up a present and have it wrapped too.

 Also, we will have a kitchen that will allow us to bring in gourmet cookies and other food items so you can sample the fun treats we find from bakeries and other vendors. All around, this new store will be a fabulous beginning for us as well as a way to strengthen the wonderful design services we already offer. It is because of you that business is strong enough to expand. Thank you so very much for your support.

If you think of any features you would like to see in the new shop, please write a comment and let us know. Here are some questions I would love for you to write to me about…

1. What stores do you love to go into simply because they inspire you or make you happy just being there? Any particular features about it?

2. What is it about the shopping experience that makes it fun?

3. Are there any features that you have seen in shops during your travels that you would like us to incorporate?

Let me know what you think! We value your thoughts and ideas.