Saturday was so much fun! Marty and I went to Raleigh with the trailer in tow on the hunt for pieces for the new Coastal Fog shop. We spent  hours and hours there rummaging through some warehouses and came out  quite dirty and exhausted but got some AWESOME things!

 Listen to this funny occurence.  The man who owns this warehouse goes to these old factories that are long ago closed down buys up the pieces that were once used. There was one cabinet that I was really interested in so I opened the doors, poked my head inside and decided we would get it. Well, before I could even blink, my hands and arms started turning bright red like they had been dyed. The owner came over and poked around inside the cabinet. Low and behold! His arms and hands started to turn blood red. There was no sign of red anywhere on the piece or inside the piece but our skin and clothes were changing.  After he called his coworker over, the coworker helped us realize that this cabinet came from an old Textile mill, and this “red” must be textile dye that activates with water. We were all sweating bullets in the heat so our skin and clothes were activating this powder dye! You can imagine, at first I thought I had been exposed to some toxic powder and would be growing another leg or some appendage. Thankfully we were only red temporarily and needless to say… we did not get that cabinet!

But, we bought so many other wonderful items! They will be in the new Coastal Fog on 1oth street!