Today I am thrilled to say that I had a great excuse to spend yesterday afternoon cooking. One of my dearest friends just had her first child and I wanted to take a comforting meal over to her. I adore the chance to be in my kitchen with all of my tools at hand and beautiful fresh ingredients all around me. The textures,colors, and smells and different heat applications are so much fun to experiment with.
So for the meal, I made Shrimp and grits which was so fun to make. The bacon cooking filled the kitchen with an awesome heartiness and then the onions sauteeing with the bacon was even better! I put whole shrimp in the pot and fresh basil. On the side, I made cheese grits with garlic cooked in butter. Yuuum.

The next part was homemade granny smith apple pie. The cut apples soaked up the juice of a lemon and an orange along with their zest and cinnamon and sugar. The pie crust I made with freezing cold butter, ice water and flour. It cooked to be very buttery and flaky. Take a look at the picture.