rasberryparfait2While on a weekend outing to Wilmington, NC, Marty happened upon an artist named CM O’Neal. CM has her work in artstores/boutiques across America and Coastal Fog is now the place to get them! We have a great assortment right now and have some more custom selected neck wraps on order. The reason that they are so great is that they can be worn all day and do not get in your way like a long scarf does. They are a very unique asset to your wardrobe. Try them in different colors with different outfits. This fall, I plan on wearing mine with the  long sleeve tissue t-shirts like can be found at J.Crew plus, they would be great with a dress and cowboy boots! I can’t wait. She also has a line of neck wraps for children. I think this is a novel idea for helping you keep your kids looking cute and warm at the same time with out their scarf getting into all the activities that kids get into- no more scarves in the sink when they wash their hands or in their soup! Luxe Neck Wraps




More Later…softlime3