Back when I was a senior at East Carolina in Interior Design, ECU was contacted by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse competition because they were desperate for a designer to step in and complete some rooms that had not been selected by other designers.

 If you are not familiar with Designer Showhouses, the way it works is that designers volunteer their time and services to design and implement their design in a room or several rooms in a particular house. Annually in Charleston, the Symphony Orchestra league heads up a Designer Showhouse and all the proceeds go to the Symphony. Historic houses that are normally unoccupied or “for-sale” are volunteered and the designers come in and volunteer to work on an awesome design. It is great publicity for designers because for an entire month, visitors to Charleston buy tickets to go through the house and see the latest design ideas.

Well, in 2007, the house that was donated was in bad disrepair and needed quite a bit of help. It was an 1850’s row house and had these crazy corridors. No designer volunteered for those rooms but they wereintegral to the flow of the showhouse. ECU has such a great reputation that ASID contacted us to see if any of the students were interested. I volunteered and ended up staying a total of 3 weeks down in Charleston. We rented a U-haul and used family antiques and donated items for the showhouse. If you notice in the back ground, all of the artwork shown is my artwork! It was such a great experience. If you have any questions about it, comment on this post and I will write back. Click on the images to keep zooming in!