So before New York happened, I did some research on restaurants. One of them that was highly recommended was aquagrill. It is on the corner in Soho. I was skeptical though so I thought we would browse the area and decide. The wiiiiind here is soooo strong and both of us realized we were absent of hair spray. We had to leave that behind because of airport security. So, first on our to do list in Manhattan was to buy hairspray! We stumbled upon an Aveda Salon. They had the coolest design style on the interior! Anyway, we got a fantastic hairspray (weeeew were we relieved) but when I asked her favorite place to eat in Soho, she said “Aqua Grill”!! So we sauntered over and asked to be seated. Fabulous is all I can say. So wonderful. The atmosphere is so chill but sophisticated. It has a “Coastal Fog” feel with the shell light fixtures and the reclaimed architectural columns. The energy/feel around us is amazing! We are currently picking the brain of the chef for his recipe. They brought a tuna tar tar on homemade chips. For dinner we had scallops and salmon. Yuuum. See the pictures!