This is one of my greatest inspirations…Anthropologie! I love the eclectic music, the uniqueness of each store, the way the displays are arranged. It’s just so refreshing. My complaint with the other big deal clothing stores , like gap or J Crew, is that every one of their locations is identical. It is obvious from a designer’s point of view that store concept is developed at “Headquarters” and then all of the locations throughout the world are told exactly how to arrange the displays and then the props and signage are all sent to the different stores. This may be a smart idea for Jcrew and Ralph Lauren who want to create the traditional, tailored, and classic feel for their “image”. It remains consistant from Atlanta to NYC. But, aren’t we all in love with Anthropologie because of the freshness that exudes from each store? Every location feels like “Anthropologie” but oddly enough, every store is unique. My curiosity killed me when we were in one of the NYC Anthropologies and I asked the manager how Anthropologyie’s design team did this. Here is what she told me… At the main Anthropologie headquarters, the design team comes up with the concept for the season’s collection. Antique displays are purchased and then shipped to the locations. But here is the neat part of it all. The headhonchos send the design concept which may be a nebulous idea- like “A day in the life of a young Gypsy girl living in Paris” (I made this crazy one up). Then each seperate store receives the design concept and those employees have the unique freedom to interpret that concept however they wish. They can actually design their own layout and props! I think this is brilliant. This way, you get the Anyhropologie feel but each store is unique to it’s area.