Stetson thinks he is invisible

You have to understand my situation to know why I am doing this funny hiding trick. My name is Stetson and I am Jordan’s 5 year old Golden Retriever. I come to work with her everyday (and my annoying little brother does too… you remember Brumby?). Well she says the only way that I can keep coming to work with her is if I stay in her design area rather than in the shopping areas. She even went so far as to hang this curtain so that I wouldn’t “bother” any shoppers. One day, Jordan came around the corner when I was supposed to be behind the curtain. I say technically I was behind the curtain and quite honestly I thought I was invisible. This picture explains that. Apparently she snapped this picture and now we have evidence that I am not invisible. So much for that! Come see me at the shop. Bring your furry friend too. We can have a dog treat from the Coastal Fog Dog collection!!