I think I have found my new calling…birdcatching! Yeah right , well over the last four days, we were on a hunt to catch two pet finches that got out of the cage at the Coastal Fog shop at Artisans. If you’ve ever been to Artisans, it’s the exact size and layout of a grocery store. Two of our pet finches decided to escape while we were cleaning the cage. They immediately perched in the rafters. So, four four days we tried to trick them into the net. They were too smart for us and eluded capture until they needed water and food. Finally , I outsmarted them by putting out a decoy cage. The fellow went inside to get water and I shut the door!!! Now you can check out the finches at Coastal Fog at Artisans.

On another note… The finches at the main Coastal Fog laid eggs and the eggs hatched!!!!!!! We have babies :0}. Come see us.