If ever a time for excitement in our home, it’s the holidays. As fall arrives, it brings the warmth of this wonderful season— intriguing gourds at the market, pumpkin spice on the table, trees in their full splendor. Soon after, winter approaches bringing with it crisp air and warm tidings as it exudes the majesty of the season.

More than anything, nostalgia is the feeling that intoxicates this time of year. It warms our hearts with a “wistful desire” to turn homeward in our thoughts, to the ways of our families, and to images of the traditions of the seasons. Isn’t this the fundamental aspect of the holidays? These bits of inspiration will help you to bring creative and nostalgic touches to your interior first for Fall and then for the winter months. The holiday season is upon us!

Fall sets the stage for a traditional time of year. Seasonal traditions begin to take shape and bring about an excitement for the nostalgic and vintage. For Fall, dried gourds can add a vintage touch to any interior scape as it makes you think of the simple days of the fall harvest. To give the traditional look a fresh take, arrange the gourds or pumpkins in stylish setting of tea-lights, table top mirrors and crystal garland. An enchanting luminance will spread as the candle light reflects in the garland and the table top mirrors. Be sure to put this arrangement in a main area where family and guests will pass by. A console table in front of a window or behind a sofa is a great option .

Next, take down a piece of artwork that you have on the wall and bring in a special wall accent for the season. These vintage inspired wall charts as seen in Coastal Fog through Signature Jordan Interior Design, instantly bring about nostalgia and imagery of the harvest. They introduce the colors of fall into your interior and conjure thoughts of the Thanksgiving bounty. This is a must do trick for shooing away the look of your everyday interior and to falling in love with your interior for the holidays.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the dining table is a wonderful way to tell the story of the season. Go ahead and set the table now! Do not wait for Thanksgiving day to enjoy the décor. If you set your table now with decorations that speak to the season, then you and your family can have pleasant images every time you walk past the dining room. Start by getting tableware that has the warm colors of fall and build upon that by bringing in natural elements. For this Thanksgiving table, I used earthy woven placemats and dressed them with vibrant china. Notice the burlap table runner and the use of yellow and orange floral stems to tie it all together. Think beyond the safety of the typical table setting and bring in elements that would not normally be seen in the dining room.

As the season changes to the colder days approaching Christmas, take down the warm colors from fall and switch to the icy elements of white and silver. It will give your eyes a new front that will surely keep your family excited.

 On your mantel and dining room table bring in the nostalgic accents with a twist, by using vintage touches of mercury glass and live greenery. Bringing in the sparkle of lights against the mercury glass will be magical while the fresh greenry contrasts wonderfully to the silver tones.

An opportunity to escape the normal look for Christmas lies in the way the presents are wrapped under the tree. Too often, we see presents wrapped in every style of paper imaginable contributing a feeling of clutter. For the perfect chic yet vintage touch under the tree,use wash pales and assign one to each member of the family. Paint the names on the outside in white and tie a mercury glass ornament to each pale. Wrap the presents in the same solid wrapping paper and colored ribbon for each person. The style of the ribbon can be different for each wrapping but the color needs to stay the same to keep it classic and chic. My favorite combination is brown postal paper with white ribbon. Bring in a touch of color through a sprig of greenery tied to each package. You will be amazed at the vintage sophistication your tree will have.

Often, the only room in the house decorated for christmas is the Family Room. Try “branching” out this winter with branch trees to hang your vintage mercury glass ornaments.  Use an urn to hold your found branches, and prop them up in a highly visible location. This could bring a touch of the season to a bedroom, the kitchen, or even a front foyer. One more twist would be to spray paint the branches white to really bring out the wintery mix

 We begin to look inward, to the days of our youth and family traditions. Now is the occasion to bring hints of the time of year inside.  Traditional holiday decoration, given a eclectic edge, can be introduced in your home this year to enliven your holiday decorations.