A brand new school year has just begun and for most of us, creating a fresh, new space is essential to starting the year off right. Sometimes decorating your room or space can be difficult, especially when living in a dorm room. Luckily, Coastal Fog has some great products and ideas to help with these tricky dilemmas! Combining the right pieces together can make any room feel refreshing!

1. Cool Colors combined with Neutrals

When renewing a space whether it be your bedroom, your living area, or your work space, we suggest combining light, fresh, cool, earthy colors with neutrals. This combination creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. With a busy school year, this is absolutely essential. Cool colors such as ocean mist blue and sea foam green create a breath of fresh air. These colors help concentration, sleep deprivation and stress! If you are feeling any of these, bring in these colors! Since many places do not allow you to paint the walls look to accessories to help bring these colors into play.


Lotus Flowers

Lotus Flowers


Our ceramic tea-light candle holders resemble lotus flowers. These flowers come in an assortment of colors and are a great addition to any bedside table or desk.


Mercury Glass


Mercury glass votives bring in iridescent blue and can be used to organize your pens, pencils and desk supplies.



These burlap accessories are perfect for adding natural accents to your bed or living space. Place pillows on a chair or on the floor beneath a window where you usually do work. When you’re stressed sit on the pillow, face the window, clothes your eyes and take in the fresh air!

2. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a room creates a bigger space and more light. By placing a mirror across from a window it causes the light to bounce throughout your space and can make it appear larger! If you have a small space try this technique. It will also give you a second view of the outdoors.


Multiple Mirrors


These shell mirrors are made from real seashells! They can be placed together on one wall to create multiple sources of light or  place one above a dresser or on a small wall for decoration.

3. Refreshing Scents

Adding natural refreshing scents to your space will bring you to a whole other world. Bringing in scents that contain aromatherapy or natural elements will not only change your mood but will clean up any smells your dorm may hold from dirty laundry or food products!




Our Archipelago Botanical soy wax tin candles come in many scents and colors that can help with your serene atmosphere. Place a tin on your desk and light it when you’re feeling overwhelmed with class work. The scent as well as the candlelight glow will help calm you.


Choose from an assortment of Caldrea products in three signature scents, Basil Blue Sage, Lavender Pine and Ginger Pomelo. We love Caldrea because they create quality products that smell great and are earth-friendly! Fill your space with the clean, refreshing scents of Caldrea by choosing anything from hand soap and lotion to laundry detergent and dryer sheets!

Escape to a quiet place with Lollia Bath & Body products, Coastal Fog’s newest merchandise! Choose from four signature scents Wish, Imagine, Calm and In Love and take some time for yourself. Make yourself a bath using Lollia Bubble Bath or simply use the elegant Bar Soap to experience the same scent. After your bath or shower use the matching Parfum or Handcreme to enhance your chosen scent. Lollia creates a great product inside and out. To add decor to your bathroom, set up your Lollia products in a pleasing arrangement with some fresh flowers!

4. Nature

A good way to bring some life to your space is to bring in elements from nature. There is something so soothing about the outdoors, why not bring it indoors?

Sea Fan

A genuine Sea Fan can add the notion of a Coastal living space to any room. These Sea Fans come in plenty of colors to match your desired color scheme. Place one on top of a desk or elevated shelf to show off its beauty. Pair it with a jar of seashells and a small candle to create an elegant arrangement.

Palm Trees

These individual artificial Palm Tree leaves are great to add that tropical, fresh, vacation feel to your space. The bright Palm Tree green will add a great accent color without being too overpowering. These stems can be placed almost anywhere in a space; a vase, behind a headboard or in front of a window. Take two stems and stick them behind the side of your headboard to create an outdoor oasis or place them behind a dresser close to the window to let the natural light shine through the green.


These artificial potted flowers are one of our favorites! They come in a variety of colors and will instantly add life by placing just one of these in your space! Choose one to match your color scheme and place it on your desk or bedside table.

Kalalou Flowers

Kalalou creates an enormous assortment of artificial flowers and greenery  which we carry right here at the shop! Place individual stems on a bed post near your headboard by tying them with raffia. This will help to hide the typical dorm room furniture. Take a bundle of assorted flowers and place them on a floor vase in front of an empty wall to create a statement and to hide those dorm brick-style walls. Use small individual flowers without there stems in jars on your desk, in a vase in the kitchen or even in the bathroom to add a natural feel.


We love what white can accomplish in any room or space. By adding white you’ll create a new, fresh, clean and larger space. Dorm rooms can be especially small. Many people make the mistake by adding too much color, which can make your space seem cramped, cluttered and busy. By making the larger elements of your space white, such as wall color, a bedspread, drapery or a carpet, it gives the room a bigger feel! However, we love white accents just as much! Try to bring in whites by adding these accessories to your space.


This ceramic coral piece is a perfect addition to your space. The texture and color resembles that of true sea coral. Coastal Fog carries these white statues in different shapes and sizes. We love to pair these with seashells and candles to create a coastal feel! If you want to get creative, use one to hold rings or light jewelry on your dresser. Place one of the larger pieces we carry as a center piece on your table.

Cashmere Pashminas

We are in love with our full stock of cashmere Pashminas we now carry that will help get you ready for the colder months! Fall and Winter colors are usually beautiful, crisp purples, greens, reds and oranges. So while you are fashionably wearing these colors out, use your summer whites to play up your living space! Drape your Pashmina on the edge of your bed post creating a soft texture that will hide dull wood, open it up and use it as a decorative throw on a couch or chair, or if you have multiple Pashminas display them on wall hangers to hide dull walls.

Antique Books

These white antique books speak for themselves. Combine a few of these next to each other on a dresser or a desk to create a backdrop to your space. Take a couple and turn them horizontal; stack them from biggest to smallest to create a pyramid shape. Place a vase with fresh flowers on top to make a statement and a great center piece to any table.