Today has been the first time that I have gone outside and smelled the fireplaces burning… winter is here!

We had a fun day at Signature Jordan and CF on Tenth street. Since our move out of Artisans, folks are venturing to our main store to see what they have been hearing about. Finally, I am able to see everyones faces as they come in the door and experience our design scapes. Before, I am afraid our fans would go to Artisans rather than come over to our main store, forbidding me from knowing all of our customers. Please come to our shop on 10th street to experience this!

I believe what sets us apart from other retailers, is our absolute foundation in design. I strive for inspiration through design and love the opportunity to allow our followers to buy from our design scapes rather than shelving units. This is the concept and reason for our move to the Jefferson Blount Harvey building… I will be able, due to the floor plan of our new space, to exhibit many different design sets or scenes. I will be able to have a Mountian/cabin inspired interior next to a luxurios French inspired interior. Be prepared to come to a gallery of inspiration. You will enjoy the growth we will be experiencing.

As we speak, I am watching Julie & Julia for the umpteenth time! I adore this movie and am always inspired by it. I feel such a connection with Julie and with Julia. They are motivated by the simple components of rich cooking. In a previous life, I was a culinary artist.

Until next time…. Bon apetit!
This is a kitchen I found on the internet that I adored!