Today I was able to do one of the things I believe I was made to do…. Staging! A dear friend recently flipped an historic house in Greenville and invited me over to help stage it for the Open House. We used pieces from CF and from his store to make it look fantastic.

Staging for a magazine, a showhouse, a party, or for real-estate, embodies every aspect of design I love. Not only do I have the opportunity to make an area look well appointed and fabulous but also warm and inviting as if you were hosting the most important person in the world. The trick is to make a person feel as if they stepped into a live scene and are experiencing somebody else’s surroundings for a moment in time.

If you want to see this AMAZING house you can tour it or look it up online. The adress is 1700 E Fifth St. Greenville NC 27858. It has a brand new gourmet kitchen which contrasts beatuifully to the house’s antique crystal chandeliers. There are pickled hardwood floors throughout as well as beautiful original picture windows. Through the flipping process, he completely redesigned the landscaping to complete the crisp vibe of the remodel. You really can not pass this house up without considering it. The neighboor hood is charming in ECU’s historic district and it’s very close to my house actually!