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Today I had the most fun with a client that I have been working with since day #1. This most current project is the guest bedroom. The concept for the room is to create a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel as if they are experiencing a rare treat.
We never do something ordinary, the two of us… It has to be out of the box and something that will perplex the average person. So, in hopes to redo this room sticking to the concept, I had the idea of using an old mantel as the headboard. The mattress is a full bed that fits the width of a historical mantel so functionally, it is a wonderful fit.

While we were meeting today, I told my client about Craigslist and how there is always something wonderful to be found under the antiques section. I have the app on my phone and pulled it up to show her how to search for antiques.

Then…. There it was! Under the antiques tab was a 100 Yr old mantel that was perfect. I look up at my client and she looked at me and said this is ideal. It turned out that the man selling this was only 1 mile from her house. LITERALLY! We called the man right then and there and he told us to drive over and take a look. At first glance, we knew it would be the “Piece de Resistance”. Now, we are going to design the room around it.

Take a look at my inspiration picture. Be on the lookout for updates.