I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving. My family and I had a fun time together and enjoyed all that comes with decorating and cooking for Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving day, the whole family and I set out to collect greenery for a Christmas decorating project on an historic house right here in Greenville. The project was to decorate this house in several strategic areas with all live greenery. So, I got my family to help me and we set out into the woods to get cuttings from evergreens.

 The trick is soaking the cuttings for 24 hours after you cut them so that they soak up all the water they can before they go into arrangements.  You can see the amount of work it takes getting all of this together. It was very rewarding using what nature provides to decorate in the celebration of Christmas.

Bundled Up



Working on Garlands


Hand made live greenery garland by Signature Jordan


Live garland on historic stairway


Sweeping Staircase

Close- up

Interior Mantel

Dining Room