Not only is it on Martha Stewart’s list for the holidays this year, but it is also on ours. Lollia! We have been raving about it since it came in from market, and we won’t stop until you feel the same. Lollia has been featured in magazines such as Real Simple, The Oprah Magazine, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and even W magazine. It is one of the newest beauty products, and everyone is trying to get their hands on it. Stores such as Anthropology, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales are just a few that have found Lollia products irresistible. Now you can add us to the list.

Lollia is created by designer Margot Elena. After learning the story behind Margot’s Lollia brand, we instantly felt connected and inspired. We agreed to become a foundation for her products. Lollia has become a perfect combination with the “Signature Jordan” look and has added assorted, sophisticated products to Coastal Fog’s unique eclectic appearance. With knowledge of Margot’s initiative to offer customers products that are finely made and add warmth and charm to their home and lifestyle, we strive to unite Lollia with everything Coastal Fog has to offer.

We carry four of Lollia’s signature scents, Imagine, In Love, Calm and Wish. Our products range from an array of hand crèmes, perfumes, bubblebaths and soaps. We offer several sizes in most of these products that become perfect for both your home and travel.

The Coastal Fog team has voted Lollia their favorite product of the year as well as the number one gift to give for the Holidays this year. Take a look at how we’ve merged Lollia with Coastal Fog and the “Signature Jordan” look. We hope you desire Lollia just as much as we do.

For the Holidays we are offering a Free Gift with any Lollia Purchase $50 and up! Visit Coastal Fog or contact us for orders while supplies last to get your adorable makeup bag with goodies inside! Also, with any Lollia purchase $10 or more you can enter our Lollia raffle to have a chance to win a surprise gift, all valued over $50!

If you are interested in any of the products featured, please e-mail us for online orders at or call the main shop at (252) 752-1981.