Recently I have become very intrigued with a style that I have never really stopped to explore before. One would characterize the style as Mid-Century Modern which is defined as “an architectural, interior and product design form that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965“. I have often generalized the components of the style as retro and never really allowed myself to appreciate the beauty of the individual pieces that would be characterized as mid-century modern. They are generally clean and crisp which I love… and then mix them with an antique here and there and you have a gorgeous juxtaposition.

 When you look at the furniture and accessories in this picture, you will notice how the heavy and bulbous sofa contrasts with the abrupt edges and right angles on the furniture with a powerful complement to one another.


This room would be a jumping off point for me with mid century modern. It combines  furniture from the time that is modern yet  organic in the lines. The white walls and the sisal are an awesome foundation which really allows the beautiful furniture to sing. Notice the coffee table is a piece of wood that was left in a very natural state and in turn keeps the room feeling earthy and grounded. Then on top of everything, I ADORE the branches in the water jugs. How enlivening they are to the ambiance! Rather than a bland Ficus or a normal take on greenery, these are glamorous as well as organic.