Through the new move we have come up with the idea of expanding and combining Signature Jordan Interior Design & Coastal Fog more efficiently. This has led to the creation of separate “vignettes” that directly show our customers what they can expect from Signature Jordan.

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  Jordan originally illustrated her design directions only through Coastal Fog, however, with this new addition you will be able to see the combination of Coastal Fog merchandise with a fresh finished feel. While meshing together the familiar electic, handsome, rustic appearance with a finished feel these vignettes will show you what Signature Jordan can offer you in your home.

  These vignettes will include a concept board similar to what you will receive during a consultation with Jordan. From there you will begin to understand how the concept board truly inspired the space. Each space will be diverse, from a library to a lady’s powder room. This will give you a broad outlook of the endless services and ideas Jordan is able to provide you with. These vignettes will give you a straight forward feel into the room you are in by including furniture, wallpaper, wall color, accent pieces, mirrors, rugs, etc. Each area will be an exhibit of a true design Jordan is able to present her clients with.

  To experience these exciting new spaces, visit the second floor veranda through the main staircase in Jefferson’s or the elevator. We are hoping you are interested and inspired by these spaces. Within the next couple months we are hoping these rooms will be completed and represent this idea entirely.