I saw this picture in one of my magazines and loved it! Notice the antique pine table that they have converted into a vanity with a drop in ceramic or porcelain sink. It has such a warm vibe to it due to the wood that serves as the countertop. Sometimes I get so tired of the typical hard surface countertops. You could find something like this at an antique shop and then buy your sink at a hardware store. The faucet could be wall mounted or installed like a normal countertop mounted faucet. Now if you plan on this bathroom getting used frequently, you would need to be sure to put a polyurethane or epoxy coating on the wood counter to keep the wood from getting water damaged.

The small size of the powder room is not a problem once a bright and cheery paper is in. Think of the possibilities with a paper and coordinating mirror. Oh yeah and don’t forget chic wall sconces. They would serve as the jewelry!

If you want me to help you brainstorm, let’s set a date.