Click here.. Design Package Presentation

If you want to see  an example of what I can create for you, take a look at this design I just recently completed by clicking on the link above.

 To walk you through how it works out, my client purchased a design package and then I had an initial consultation with the client, after which I came back to the studio with all of the information I needed and hit the ground running preparing a design for her. After a couple of weeks, I gave her this little portfolio and she is able to now shop for her design on her time and on her budget. She can go out and shop but still text me pictures of things she sees to get my approval before she buys it. This really makes sense because it is like I am a fly on the wall as you are implementing the design based on the ‘blueprint’ I formulate.

If you want to purchase a design package, we offer 6 hrs and 12 hrs packages. Both have a complimentary first hour so you are essentially getting an extra hour value for free! Contact me for further information if you are interested.