Yesterday was a delightful day of going down into Nevis to the little private beach associated with Montpelier. We had the feeling we were the only ones looking out at the Caribbean sea. The beach had two very curious free roaming cows that were eating seaweed and giving us the once over. They couldn’t tell if we came bearing treats or just to take up space on their beach. I’ll post pics later of them

After the beach, we took the little trolly back up the mountain to Montpelier where we chatted with a sixty something world traveling Irish couple that had been reading up for two years on the best place to go in the Carribean. They chose Nevis and montpelier because of the intimate charm and bed and breakfast approach. We felt pretty special to spend time talking with them.

Dinner last night was a poolside BbQ with everyone out enjoying the food and music. It was so intimate with only 4 couples there. We all sat on the outdoor sofas and talked about our lives. One of the couples was our age and on their honeymoon. The husband is an architect from NY and his new wife a graphic designer. It was neat seeing this place through their eyes. We actually sat down and spoke with the owner who grew up in the Bahamas and now is raising his children here.

Rocky and I have always dreamed of doing something different than the norm for our lives. We spoke to him about his experience living such an unusual life with family. He said that one book had inspired him and he ran to grab a book from his house and handed it to me to read. It is called Out Island Doc and is about a doctor who came to the islands to practice medicine and raise his family. I will start it now and tell you about it.

This morning, we woke up to swim laps at 7:30 and then came up to the terrace for a wonderful island breakfast. We had muffins fresh out of the oven with marmelade, grapefruit halves, and French pressed coffee. The family yellow lab named ziggy came to lay at my feet through breakfast which made it feel just like home.

Today’s plans are to go back to the little beach to read and soak in the salt air. The chef who is a true culinary master, is packing picnic lunches for us to take.

I will post photos of it in a bit. The only wireless here is up by the pool so I can only post pics and blog posts when I am up here.

More later

Sorry all the pics are crooked. I can’t seem to make it right from my phone. Just turn your screen to the side :0)