20110622-090141.jpg20110622-084256.jpgI am sitting in the greatroom, surrounded by the tunes of Nora Roberts and feeling the greatness of this historic structure. The centuries old stone walls lend a coolness to the air as the double hung windows are open from the top down and gently allow the air of the Caribbean to make it’s way inside. The gauzy curtains dance inward the bellowing sails of an old boat. The white glossy tongue and groove ceiling is a lovely counter to the rough stone walls. There are elegant and contemporary accents.

Dinner was a delight beyond our wildest imagination

First course after complimentary champagne was scallops kebab with green pea pesto and parmesan foam. Second course was hand made gazpacho with clear consommé, basil infused olive oil. Third course was cocoa crusted wahoo with cauliflower puree and a hint of cocoa reduction. Then we had a soy brined pork steak with tempura vegetables and a sweet chile sauce. Finally for desert, we had a carrot and ginger cake. With a cream cheese ice cream with candied nuts. Then as the last bite, they offered a complimentary petite of cocoa, marmalade reduction, and a sugar cookie.