Today is thursday and we spent the day on a day trip to St. Kitts. It was a fun day of learning and exploring. It started with us taking the 8 o’clock ferry from Nevis. It was a 1 hour ordeal and we were the only tourists. Everyone else was going over for work. I’d like to retain one bit of learning from this experience and that is that these island natives do not live to work. They merely work to live and do not stress about work. It is as natural to them as breathing. It’s not an experience of hustle and bustle but a thing on their daily agenda. But, when they get home, they enjoy being alive.

When we got to St. Kitts, we got off the ferry and went to a little restaurant called Ballyhoo. It had wonderful breakfast sandwiches and coffee. The waitress took a liking to us and told us to get out of the tourist area and take a tour with her local friend Greg. He has a really clean and nice taxi and we went with him for most of the day on a Tour of St kitts. We got to see the many local villages and hang outs. Plus we got to go to the armament known as Brimstone fortress which was built by the English in the 1600s to protect the island. Another neat area was where they make batik clothing just like the slaves did in the old days. It was absolutely fabulous. It was way above the island with a view so breathtaking it seemed out of this world.

We got to see all the different areas from local spots to the places that Americans are coming in to commercialize and develope. Nevis has none of this development that St. Kitts has.

After we took the ferry ride home, we got ready to go to a beach BBQ at a little plantation on the atlantic side called Nesbits plantation. Picture a beach country club from the 50’s to 70’s and that is what it felt like. They offered their legendary rum punch and fresh fish along with reggae music. It was wonderful!