Today, we explored the entire island of Nevis. It is so simple and slow that you would think you have gone back in time. We went with a local/native taxi driver named Hubert. Taxis here aren’t yellow cabs but instead little European boxy minivans. Each taxi driver takes extreme pride in their taxi.

We explored the water region of the island and worked our way up to the higher elevations. Nevis is a huge mound of volcano lava frozen in the sea and it has created a beautiful tropical rainforest paradise up top and a saltwater region on the bottoms edge. Unless you are living or working at the edge of the sea, you are quite disconnected from the ocean even though you see it from every point Actually, very few people have boats or skiffs. Those that do, are fishermen by trade. Another thing that Nevis is known for are their mangos. People come over from St. Kitts just to collect mangos and sell them on their streets.

We visited several island churches built in the 1600’s. It is crazy to see them and comprehend that they are that old. The one photo is of a black Jesus crucifix only one of three in the Carribean. There are tomb stones in the floors and walls from the 1600’s!

There are some pictures below of the oldest wooden structure in the Carribean. No nails were used at all, just pegs. The furniture inside is true West Indies antiques made of mahogany.

The next picture of the stone structure with the bright table clothes is one of the islands converted sugar plantations. They were abandoned after the slavery was abolished and it eventually became unprofitable.

Some facts about nevis:
36 sq miles
11000 citizens live here but the rest during the day commute to work here in the tourism industry or agriculture.

There are 5 parishes or little hamlets that look like villages. Each is so close to the next that they feel more like neighborhoods.

The Hermitage plantation- 1670. Oldest wooden plantation house in carabean

Richest island in the Carribean in the days of slavery where it was the center for slavery

Gingerland which is a village was once considered the breadbasket for Nevis as it is closest to the peak and held vegetation from the rainforest. Right here on the property where we are staying is Avocado trees, mango trees, fig trees. You could practically survive off the land. ‘practically’.

We took our tour until 1ish and then went to a little beach BBQ named Sunshines. It has the best grilled fish and fresh cilantro salsa ever.

We ended our evening with a glorious meal on the terrace. This was the extravagant menu. Mind you, this food is prepared by a 5 star chef. In all of my life, I have never had food this truly phenomenal and exquisite. It is small portions but the cleanest most well thought out combinations.

This was the menu:
Watermelon and feta cheese salsa
Fresh herbs and arbuqina olive oil

Carrot and cumin cream served in glasses for sipping

Fried squid squid with black ink rice with charcoal peppers and lemon aoli

New Zealand braised lamb

Vegetable and white bean cassoulet with braised jus

lemon tartlet with shot glass of strawberry milkshake

Then at the end was a trio of fine cheeses.