This weekend I took a road trip to the wonderful, beautiful historic Savannah, GA. The city of Savannah always takes my breath away. Somehow I have come to love it more than any other city I have visited. Maybe its the the Southern grace and hospitality, the historic architecture, the art and design that is dripping from every open window or wall in the city thanks to SCAD, the southern soul food, and the way the city was planned to have central squares throughout the entire historic district.

Another reason I have a special love for the city is that my paternal grandmother and her side of the family is from Savannah for generations. I grew up hearing her tell stories of the city and where she lived with her family. I went to Bonaventure Historic Cemetery in Savannah to visit the sites of my great great grandmother and great great grandfather, my great great great grandmother and great great great grandfather. A fun side note is that I lived in a house in Greenville for six years where this same great great great grandmother lived when she moved to Greenville back in the 1950s. I have always had a special draw to her because of that and this trip allowed me to finally see her grave. She was buried next to her husband back in Savannah after she died. There is a picture below of the graves.







Here I am at the family cemetery.

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