A new heartbeat… A fast little rhythm that was life changing when we heard it.

Yesterday, October 11,2011, Rocky and I heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time through ultrasound—160 beats per minute. If you didn’t know the news, it’s because I was waiting for this moment to mention it. It’s been a tough secret to keep for what’s been almost three months of new lifestyle for me. There has been much (let me repeat MUCH) nausea and fatigue that has kept me grounded since week 6. Now, the clouds are parting and I feel a new sense of energy and optimism.

We go back Thanksgiving week to find out if it’s a little boy or girl. That will be a wonderful birthday present for me! Rock and I are giddy with excitement. Due date is April 27, ’12. Our families are elated, to say the least. God has blessed us with a miracle. Whatever he puts in mine and Rocky’s path will be His will and our purpose.

I’ll be keeping journal entries of the journey throughout. Not to worry, I’ll be keeping the design posts coming too!