I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family has had a wonderful time of relaxation and fellowship as we have all been staying at my parents house since Wednesday night. It’s really a ton of fun now that our family has Rocky (my husband) and Evan (Jenn’s beau) around. We were just an uptight bunch before these boys came around and shook it up for us. Jenn and I didn’t have a brother growing up to rough us up and kill our sensitivity, and boy oh boy have they broken us in. We have played soccer, thrown the football, and gone running every day. We have had so much fun cooking and watching movies. Today, we went out to Otter Creek stables, owned by Amy Hazard Daniels, to watch my sister ride. She got the opportunity to ride her horse from high school. It was wonderful being out in the gorgeous sunshine and crisp fall air.

My family is so thankful for the fact that my dad had his one year Doctors visit and was pleased to hear he has now been a year out of cancer. What a blessing! We are also Thankful to hear that we are having a little boy! The ultrasound showed a healthy and very active baby boy. He stuck his tongue out at us and gave us two thumbs up. The entire experience was out of this world miraculous. We are also thankful for our loyal fans and followers with this blog. Thank you for being there for us through the thick and thin.

Tomorrow is Open House at the Jefferson Blount Harvey building. I will also be collecting greenery and decorating the outside of my house. The Daily Reflector is coming on Monday to take pictures for the paper! We will be the feature for the St. Paul’s Christmas tour. Be sure to get your tickets downstairs at Jeffersons for the tour Dec. 10.

Have a great Sunday!! Xoxo