I have always been enamored with small cottage like houses. Any of you that have been to my House can see the look I enjoy for my “habitat”. The smallest spaces can be the most intimate and romantic. Look at these adorable little barns and sheds converted into backyard havens. It is the most wonderful thought to be able to get away to a little cottage right in your backyard. To be able to plant a garden, decorate the windows with boxes, and even decorate the interior! I would put a little kitchenette in there to make tea, bake and prepare al fresco meals. It would be a must to put a cozy bed with all white linens surrounded by books, books and more books. The interior would be white painted wood with painted wood floors. I may not be able to have one anytime soon, but one day I will convert a shed into a little get away cottage for me and Rocky. I can’t wait!