I have been doing design work recently that has called for drama and impact. To me, nothing makes more of grand statement than the leaning mirror. It can take a weak room to new levels. A leaning mirror serves as an architectural piece.

Use an old and weathered version for a strong look. To create a romantic and nostalgic feel, be sure to layer it with something dressy such as a crystal lamp or chandelier. Notice the mirror with the ornate detailing at the top and how much of a beautiful touch it has in the room.

You can go with other extreme and do a contemporary mirror in a vintage interior. Make sure it has fortitude so it doesn’t look flimsy and cheap. The width of the pictured contemporary mirror allows it to “hold its own”.

5 tips for this interior accent.
1. Be sure that the mirror is at least 72″ high—Nothing is worse to me than a squatty leaning mirror in a room.
2. Try using two or three identical mirrors lined up next to each other. This will make an incredible statement
3. Place the leaning mirror opposite a window— it will reflect light into the room
4. Don’t be shy— put a leaning mirror in the living areas like the family room. Nothing says it has to be a dressing mirror
5. Make your own by buying plate glass and framing it with old barn wood or old window casing. You can make a fantastic rustic and chic statement this way. If you want to take it one step further, use an acid wash in the back of the mirror and it will create an antiqued statement on the face.