Doing the laundry is a chore to most that nags at us each and every day. Or does it have to?

My theory is NO! I lived for 6 years in a house that had a terrible laundry situation. I spent most of my time on the third floor yet the laundry was in the basement! The daily drudgery of taking the laundry down to the basement made me vow that the first time I was able to plan a laundry room, I would make it so functional that it would make me look forward to the process.

I am pleased to say that for almost two years now, I have enjoyed the laundry/ closet room in my house immensely. I converted a little bedroom into a walk in closest complete with a 9′ general store table and washer with dryer. Now, when I am getting dressed in the morning, I do a load of laundry, and when I am putting my pjs on at night, I fold a load. As crazy as it sounds, I haven’t gotten behind on laundry since living in this house. I would rather sacrifice a tv or another modern luxury to be able to afford to always have a functional appealing laundry room.

I have found some pictures of other laundry rooms that might be similar to yours in layout or size but are also fashionable and functional. Take a look at the hanging wall baskets on the wall bracket. You can store your iron, rags, spot cleaner, and hangers in the baskets.

The next picture really grabs me because of the little pull curtain they have in front of their machines. If you don’t want to have to see your washing equipment everyday or you don’t want to have to close a door, try this curtain trick. Even when you have the curtain open, the textile feature helps with acoustics.

The next really speaks to my love of all things domestic. I feel like this room could be used as a garden room or a laundry. Maybe it is so the home owner can come in from the garden and can put her dirty gardening clothes right in the wash. I love love love the big sink and all the galvanized watering cans.

This next picture absolutely hits the nail on the head for function and attractiveness. Look how all the detergent is in clear glass containers. That way you are not seeing all the clutter of the mass produced plastic bottles. They have the hampers for darks and lights and have it tucked away nicely under the counter. The drying rack is another great use of space!

For the last picture, I wanted to explain how the smallest of spaces could look light and refreshing through the use of fresh white paint, and a pop of accent color. I could enjoy this laundry room every day.

Lastly, one thing I feel is a must when designing a laundry room is a counter top you can count on to stay clean and clear of clutter for folding laundry. If I didn’t have my big general store table, which I refer to as my folding table, I would have to fold my clothes on my bed. That would cut down on the function and the enjoyment of laundry every day.

If you want help redesigning your laundry with small and minor changes , contact me!