ImageHey Y’all!

Finally, I am back in the swing of things now that this little booger , Christian Crew Proctor is almost 4 months old! We have had the most wonderful time since he was born May 4th. Its been the most intense yet fulfilling learning experience ever. Seeing this miracle of life everyday makes me eternally grateful for my blessings.


So things have still been going full speed ahead with Coastal Fog and the interior design while I’ve been absent from the blog. Jenn has joined us as an owner with the focus of retail and creative productions as her focus. So with Marty, Jenn, and me we are a force to be reckoned with ;0) I have been focused on a commercial design project called the Heritage at Arlington which will be Greenville’s premier residential apartment community located in the medical district. It is at the intersection of Arlington Blvd and Fifth street where the new dental school is. You can see the major progress from the road and pretty soon I can take you on a tour. We will be furnishing the clubhouse with LEE industries upholstery along with heirloom antiques and contemporary accessories. I am THRILLED!

We will be hosting DIY classes starting this fall at Coastal Fog where you can come and learn all there is to know about refinishing, faux finishing, making terrariums, making designer pillows, sewing, painting, baking, holiday decorating… the list goes on and on. To become part of the fun, subscribe to this blog so that you can get the announcements for the classes. New displays are being worked on daily so always come browse for an inspiration infusion. 

For the next four weeks, I am making my way down to Charleston to blog about history, interior design, culture, food, southern ways etc. Everyday, Christian and I are going to be walking our way around historic Charleston and reporting everything we see back to you loyal readers. Keep checking daily to see pictures and stories about what we have found. If you subscribe to our blog, you will get an email alert when I have posted something. 

Until Charleston…