Ahhhh… Charleston is a city like no other. I spent the day walking around the historic area taking in the architecture, gardens, and culture of the low country. It is so fascinating to me how it feels as if those that built these houses and buildings from the 1700s are still here. As I looked at the beautiful houses and their Charleston style porches, I couldn’t help but imagine gentlemen and ladies enjoying the outdoor air as it blew in off the Ashley. The obvious jewels of historic Charleston are the glorious mansions from the 1700s, but my favorites are the little houses on the side streets nestled back off the water. They have charm oozing out of them. I love walking down the narrow cobblestone streets seeing the gas lanterns and the window baskets bursting at the seams. I can imagine the middle class working Charlestonians returning home from a day of work to their modest quarters, simple colonial kitchens, and could enjoy the luxury of a Charleston breeze on their porch. Simple living- I am so in awe of this time in history. In my design, I like to ‘deconstruct’ the norms for todays architecture and interiors and ask why we do things certain ways i.e. kitchen design, bathroom design, outdoor spaces. For my designs, I like to return to the basic and simple forms of design that can be seen in these houses. Outdoor living was critical because of the lack of central air. Porches were just as important back then as bathrooms are today. The outdoor spaces that those piazzas created have such a delightful, intimate human scale.

After my exploration that lasted all day, Rocky,Crew, Brumby, Stetson and I ended up at White Point Gardens at the battery where we struck up a conversation with a family from Madrid. They noticed our Goldens and wanted to know their breed. As soon as we said, they lit up and told us they have one back home. It was such as neat experience for us to relate to each other through our beloved dogs. They were making their way up the east coast having started in Florida. They didnt have a plan as to what exactly to see because they wanted to ask locals what was recommended. When I said we were form NC, they were so thankful to get to ask us what to visit on our coast. It made me reflect on what a wonderful and unique area we live in with Eastern Carolina. I told them to be sure to visit downtown Wilmington, Beaufort, and Edenton. They only had a couple of days to do it or else I would have told them much more!

Here are some pictures of things we saw yesterday. One picture is of the Brooks Brothers display which I liked how they used what appeared to be sheet wood panels and sharpie markers to draw a ‘library’. Another picture is of a quaint little house that embodied everything I spoke about above. You can also see what we made for dinner. It was all organic local ingredients with fresh lemon zest, basil, tomato, grass fed free range beef, garlic, and olive oil finished off with Pecorino Romano cheese. The last pictures are of Crew sleeping in the park in an adorable outfit that the Means family gave him, and then sleeping again at bedtime. Don’t let him fool you, he does not sleep all the time!ImageImageImageImageImageImageCheck back with me for Day 3