Well, we woke up to sunny skies and perfect exploring weather. I started out by taking Rocky over to MUSC at 6:30 am. Yes it was nice and early. Charleston was still asleep when we headed through the streets across town. I loved seeing the Charlestonians walking their dogs with a cup of coffee in one had and a ‘doggie’ bag in the other. Very humanizing to see these uber wealthy citizens doing something as simple as waking up to take care of their pooches. A couple of students were out running before their 8am classes and some other professionals were out running to wake up with the city.

Its a very mystical time, the early morning is. Charleston is cool from the night, the dew is sitting on the palmetto palms, and the traffic lights signal to empty streets. Maybe the spirits of days gone by are making their way across the streets as they used to do. I can hear the lady’s in their hoop skirts swooshing when the light changes. The buildings here seem to have souls. It sounds over the top, I am sure, but its true. They have so much patina and character from age that you can see eyes in the form of windows, mouths in the shape of front doors, voices in the accent of the window boxes, and breath in the wisp of the gas lanterns flickering. The little gardens and the landscaping is built out to the very edge of the street. It is fascinating how every square inch of soil is used to beautify the house. Some of the window boxes I passed by today had abundant plants cascading down. One even had orchids of perfection planted in them.

I found a little alley that was sure to have gnomes living there. The colonial bricks were buckling under the ancient trees that were growing under the alley, moss had taken up a permanent residence, and shade ferns were dancing as the breeze made its way down the alley way. Honestly, to think that I was standing in my Nike tennis shoes in the same place that a gentleman had traipsed in hand made leather shoes with metal buckles… That is incredible that history has been preserved that way here. I think a town should be valued based on how it protects and preserves history. With that being said, Charleston is invaluable.