I didn’t think this would happen so quickly, but I miss you all and home. It definitely makes me have a new appreciation for the familiar by being away and experiencing new unfamiliar things every day.

Today was a very overcast day in Charleston, but it gave me a chance to get some work done for both residential clients and my big commercial project. Crew, Brumby, and Stetson are the best buddies for which a gal could ask. I never feel alone when I have a giggling baby, two panting, smiling goldensImageImageImageand a creaky old house to keep me company.

I went and picked Rocky up from work this evening and then we made our way to a sushi place on King St. Boy oh Boy why in the world does a southern gal like me love sushi so? Is there something in it that lures me in? I could eat it all the time. This place was name Sushi Hiro right on the main drag of King St. The highlight of the evening was a beer Rocky got that was infused with Ginger. I actually left there thinking I might try to make ginger infused beer. I don’t want to go to the trouble of actually doing a home brewing setup as I dont know that I am capable but maybe I could try some other way? Any suggestions I would enjoy.

Crew slept the whole dinner until Rocky signed the check— as the pen tapped the paper, Crew screamed bloody murder. Diners that did not know a baby was in the building about fell out of their chairs at the sound of it. Literally it brought the establishment to a grinding halt. It was FRIGHTENING! The sushi chefs stoped chopping to check on the diner that just experienced an exorcism. One southern guy said, “Well damn, I didn’t know a baby was here- I thought that was an emergency whistle”. I wanted to melt away and never be seen there again! When I got home, to sooth my “nerves” I made chocolate covered cherries and had a glass of red wine. ImageImageAs the picture depicts, Brumby is the Guinea pig for Crew’s new exploration. It is obvious that Brumby and Stetson can sense that Crew is an extension of us. It is so neat to watch how they interpret his actions and sounds. Goldens are the sweetest most loving creatures. They have heart of “gold”. 

Tomorrow is going to be another day of exploring the culture of the low country. Saturday, we plan to go to the Francis Marion Farmers Market and then over to Sullivans Island to see the simple side of the coastal Low country.

Good Night!