Today was another day of holding Rocky prisoner. I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to have another day with a buddy to explore things. Today I wanted to get out of the tourist trap that Charleston seemed to become with the calendar turning to the weekend. You would not believe the amount of fanny pack carrying, mini van driving, tube sock wearing, t-shirt buying tourists that flooded this historic area with it being a three day weekend. I could feel the original Charlestonians rolling in their graves.

We started out bright and early to get breakfast. Right here near our house is a restaurant called the Variety Store. They have been in business 40 years making local “greasy spoon” breakfast food. It is incredibly delicious. If I could give you a taste of the grits and the biscuit through this screen, I would do it in a heartbeat. It overlooks the marina and simply takes your breath away as the sun comes up over the sailboats moored out. Rocky got an omelet made fresh with spinach, shrimp, goat cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Delish!

Next, we swung back by the house to pick up the hounds. They needed some fresh air. They jumped in the back of the suburban and we headed over to Sullivans Island to explore. My favorite author, who happens to be a local to this area, is Dorothea Benton Frank. I have been reading her books for years and have fallen in love with the way she describes the low country. The latest one I read was Return to Sullivan’s Island. That being said, I had to go explore the area she describes in her book. This island doesnt allow hotels or commercial bed and breakfasts. The only place to stay is house rentals. That rule alone has preserved the original integrity of this place. It still feels old school, untouched by commercial development. This is home to Dunlevy’s Pub and Poe’s Tavern.

Next stop was old village Mt. Pleasant. It is absolutely the most quant spot I have ever been in my whole life. Pitt St is home to The Pharmacy which is an old town pharmacy and diner. The best way to learn about it is to visit this site. These untouched houses fromt the late 1700’s onward, sit atop bluffs overlooking the water with views of the peninsula of Charleston. To really get the feel of the area, you need to read the books by Dorothea Benton Frank. She is the best writer! Visit

After that little tour, we swung back by the house, dropped the exhausted pups off, and headed over to Folly Beach for lunch. I was bound and determined to eat fried shrimp. Yes, fried shrimp would be mine by the end of the day. We parked the car and made our way to Folly Beach Crab Shack. We apparently didnt get the memo that you need to be boozing it in a bikini or board shorts to blend in. We were wearing regular “Charleston” clothes, which consisted of a collared shirt and shorts. Wow were we over dressed. You could hear crickets chirp when we walked in with Crew in the baby Bjorn carried by Rocky, who might I add was carrying an umbrella to shield Crew from the sun. Can you say loser tourists?

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haha. Rocky being the future dermatologist, has me so paranoid about sun on Crew’s skin that I am like the little Asian woman who carries the umbrella on a perfectly sunny day. I am not trying to be derogatory with that analogy because I obviously do the same thing. Seeing that we actually had clothes on, didnt have a faded tattoo or lobster red skin, we got some funny looks. But, it was all worth it because I got my fried shrimp!

Later that day, we returned home, thankful to be staying in such a nice area. South of Broad is so chill and classic. I will take this any day! If you want to see where we are on a map, here it is,+Charleston,+SC&hl=en&ll=32.776568,-79.943401&spn=0.005665,0.009645&sll=33.624497,-80.926614&sspn=5.743741,9.876709&oq=301+north+broad+st&hnear=301+Broad+St,+Charleston,+South+Carolina+29401&t=m&z=17&iwloc=A

After a wonderful run, watching the sunset, and with Crew in his stroller, we returned home to make Shrimp and Grits. I used the stone ground yellow grits grown right here in the low country that I got from the farmers market plus fresh shrimp that we purchased on Sullivans Island. I seasoned it with scallions, peppers,and green onions all from the Charleston farmers market. It was wonderful!

On to tomorrow