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Today was wonderful! Crew and I took Rocky to school bright and early, then we came back to the house and got the doggies leashed up for a walk. We started out by heading over to Murray Blvd which is the road that takes you to the Battery. It was before 8 am when we were out there and we were walking with all the other locals and their dogs. It was so special to see people out right from their houses and not a tourist in site.

Brumby and Stetson got dropped off at the house to cool down, and Crew and I got in the car to head to Mt. Pleasant. I had several places I needed to see. First, I stopped at GDC home which is a wonderful interiors store and a LEE Industries dealer. This is their website. I just drooled as I walked around the store. They obviosly have a killer business because they had so much in stock I couldn’t believe it was all in one place. I just stood there in awe of the clients they have on Isle of Palms, Charleston, Sullivans Island, Kiawah, Mt. Pleasant, and Folly Beach to name a few. This area is so dense with a coastal atmosphere that makes everything feel fresh and light. It is intoxicating!

After GDC home, Crew and I went to the  antiques market in Mt. Pleasant. I dont think he was much too happy to stroll through the aisles but it is a wonderful place to go. It is right on Coleman Blvd.

I had heard about this neat market in Mt. Pleasant called Kudzu Market and Bakery so I had to go.  Kudzu Bakery  is  wonderful place full of homemade pastas, sauces, breads, pies, and every thing else possible. I brought home homemade pimento cheese, a lime and cilantro pesto, and a homemade peach pie. I used the pesto on an heirloom tomato salad we made tonight. It was amazing. I also used the pimento cheese on baguette rounds. Boy oh boy was it amazing! We bought fresh caught scallops and seared those tonight and served them with chiffonaded spinach. Nothing like fresh food picked up from a local fish market and a local farmers market. I feel spoiled to have this around us here.

Crew and I finished our afternoon by walking in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant.  I can not express enought how special this neighboorhood is. You MUST go here sometime and just walk and pretend that you live there. It is untouched by the hustle and the bustle and oozes southern coastal charm. We went back to the little bakery on Pitt St and purchased a couple of items to bring home. I could live there at the snap of my fingers. We sat down at the end of one of the streets that runs into the waterfront, and noticed a huge old ship sailing by. Also , you could see the landscape of downtown Charleston in the distance. There was a sailing school taking place around the waterway and all of these little sailboats were zipping by. They looked like white bugs flying around in the distance. What a privelged crew to be in a sailing school off of downtown Charleston.

Rocky, Crew and I ended our day by going on a sunset run around E Bay street and the Battery. It is such an energetic area in the evening. There were some beautiful boats on the Ashley and Cooper Rivers enjoying the sunset. Take a look at the pictures from today. 

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Talk with you tomorrow