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Today I put the long distance working to the test. I spent my day working on the commercial job The Heritage at Arlington picking out furniture and finishing up final specifications. I have been able to do all the normal book keeping through using a program called GoToMy to log into our network back home. It has allowed me to really start to branch out to what is called eDesign which is where I work with clients from all over without even meeting them. The clients can send in pictures of their room, dimensions, and ultimate desires for the space. Then, I work on my digital presentation along with all the recommendations and we go from there. It is much less expensive for the client this way. Even if you have a project locally and want to try to do it through eDesign, let me know. We can work on your project together!

Crew had a huge mile marker today! He rolled over all by himself from back to front and then front to back. Then, he kept rolling and rolling all day long. I have a little mover on my hands. It is so exciting to see him change every day.

Crew and I ended the day with a walk around Murray Blvd. We watched the sun set over the bridge to West Ashley.Manywonderful sailboats headed into the sunset at full sail. It was a glorious sight!

Tomorrow will be a bit more exciting I hope. If you have any suggestions for things we need to do, please let me know! I cant thank you enough for reading and writing comments. It makes me avoid a homesickness that would be bound to happen otherwise.

On to tomorrow