We had a wonderful time with our friends that came to spend the night with us this weekend. When they got here at noon, we walked over to a restaurant called Leaf on Beaufain Street. They have incredible food and a really great atmosphere. I tend to be way too picky about the interior of restaurants. In fact, I am noticing an unfortunate idiosyncrasy to alway request to go to restaurants that have outdoor seating so I do not have to be “uncomfortable” inside a restaurant that doesn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t have to be fancy by any means… actually I prefer a rustic and laid back place. But, it needs to be clean and have a certain ambiance so that nothing feels awkward. When I sit outdoors, it feels like a neutral environment that makes me feel at peace like a street cafe in Europe. I know I sound absolutely crazy like I need to talk to a shrink, but it is what it is. Thats why, in Greenville, I only eat at Starlight. I feel comfortable and relaxed inside that restaurant. So back to Leaf…. I ordered a dynamite Mint Julep (yes it was mid afternoon hehe) and a fried oyster Po Boy with Truffle Fries. Holy mother of pearl it was a memorable meal. The fries weren’t drizzeled with truffle oil- they had to have been fried in it. I was in hogs’ heaven.

After lunch, we strolled back home via the Battery and relaxed for a bit. Right before dinner, we took the dogs to the dog park which basically is our back yard. While we were there, our friend Taylor happended to know the only other person at the park. The girl Taylor knew was from his home town. It was so serendipitous. My favorite person to share a serendipitous moment with is Mrs. Means and guess what kind of dog the girl had??? A miniature Grey Hound which is the bread of dog that the Means had two of while I was growing up. It was very neat to consider that out of all the strangers in this area, Taylor knew this girl named Hunter. She moved to the peninsula to work in a floral store that focuses on event planning. She was saying that she lived in a studio apartment in a carriage house South of Broad. I was like a drooling baby hearing her talk about being a floral designer and living on the peninsula doing weddings and events down here. Wow that sounds amazing.

We finished up the evening by going to Poogan’s Porch. I absolutely get weak in the knees thinking about their southern biscuits with honey butter. We sat outside on the porch which is hard to beat. We ordered their Restaurant Week special of 3 for $30. I got an arugula salad with country bacon and a bourbon honey vinegarette. Next, I had Pork belly & english pea risotto, arugula, pickled radishes & sweet potatoes, basil emulsion. Hold me back!! It was amazing. To finish it off, I had a fudge cake and mint wedge. You cant beat it anywhere.

Today, for breakfast, we went to breakfast at the Marina Variety store. I mentioned this last week and said how it was a local place and today proved that more and more. We sat among locals who all knew each other and talked about church and tennis that they had played this morning. Rocky ordered an amazing eggs benedict over pimento cheese! It was off the charts. Only a southern restaurant could put poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over pimento cheese!

This afternoon, we went to Second Sunday on King which is when they close off King Street and make it a pedestrian friendly area. It was like a festival! We shopped around and walked among a ton off people enjoying this event. The restaurants bring their tables outside and put them in the middle of King Street. The waiters come outside and serve people. It is such an unusual sight seeing folks drinking wine at a linen covered table in the middle of King.

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We ended the day by going on a run up Murray Blvd to the battery and heading home via the Post Office on Broad and Meeting. Its really fun being able to take our letters to be mailed up the post office on foot.

Tonight, we are watching the Steelers play against the Broncos. Rocky grew up in a family where the Steelers ruled and that continues today. I obviously am writing to you and not watching the game. Don’t tell Rocky but I really would rather be doing the dishes than watching football. But, I do enjoy his enthusiasm. Ill never live it down that when I was a freshman at NC State and at a home football game, I looked over to my friend Katie Lilley and asked her what inning it was because I was ready for it to be over. “INNING ????” she said, “Dont you mean Quarter?”. I think the entire section we were in stopped talking and looked at me dropped jaw. I not only embarrassed myself but all the people I was sitting next to. Haha. Ever since then I have accepted that football is not my strong suit.

Ok well I am going to sign off. You have a good night!