This has been the best Monday I can remember. I realize every day how wonderful this city is and how uplifting all of the walking and moving is. The only time I have to get in the car at all is to take Rocky to work- he could ride his bike or walk very easily but he can never get out the door with enough time to do that. I normally rush up Rutledge to get him to work by 7:30. This house could not be any more perfect with location. We can leave the house at 7:25 and he walks in the front door right on time at 7:30! I normally come back and take the dogs and Crew on a walk up Murray Blvd (which is the waterfront). It makes it perfect for me to get back about 8:30, the dogs are exhausted, Crew naps, and I get to do my work. I am so lucky to be able to work with clients through eDesign and do our company’s bookkeeping remotely as well!

I spent today walking around and soaking in the history and design of the area. I am so intrigued by the level of intricacy of the little gardens and the porches here. It must be because the weather is so agreeable to enjoying a porch. People have their porches decked out- there are little fountains, potted herb gardens, adorable outdoor furniture, outdoor draperies, and perfectly manicured landscaping.

Like I have mentioned, this is restaurant week in Charleston. Rocky and I decided to go to a market called Caviar and Bananas to get their 3 for $20 dinner and take it to the Battery (White Point) to have a picnic at sunset. We got their gourment cheese plate which consisted of honey with the honey comb, homemade strawberry preserves , fresh strawberries, garlic olive oil brushed toast points, and lovely cheese assortment. It was wonderful! Then for the dinner portion we had seared wild caught salmon with root vegetables. Desert was a homemade strawberry and preserves bar.

The best part was that White Point Gardens is an off leash dog area so Brumby and Stetson were able to run around and play while we ate dinner. Everyone is so happy around us that it fuels our enthusiasm.

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