It has been a wonderful Tuesday. The air is so crisp and Fall like here! Very hard to imagine it is that time of year already but it is always welcome in my book. There is nothing as exciting as fall leaves, cool days with sunny skies, autumn spices, and the coming together of family.

Crew and I started our Tuesday by taking Rocky to work at 7:30 and coming back to take the dogs for a walk. It is so much fun to have Crew in the stroller and Brumby and Stetson there beside me. They are so well behaved that it is amazing. They stay on my right hand side with Brumby on the inside and Stetson on the outside, both staying right in step and nose to nose. We get quite a few comments like,”You have your hands full!” or “Thats quite a bunch you have there”. We always start off by walking around Murray Blvd to the Battery and back home again. Like I have mentioned before, its so neat to see the same locals doing their same routine each morning. Some folks are on their porches looking out at the water with their cup of coffee, others are running the same path at the same time, and then you have the pups that are walking their owners along the same route morning after morning.

Rocky was able to take a lunch break so Crew and I walked over to meet him at Rutledge tower where we then walked to E Bay St to get lunch at Saffron Cafe. This is their bio “Saffron Cafe & Bakery has been serving Charleston locals since 1986. It was opened to provide quality baked goods for its two sister restaurants, but quickly became the favorite bakery for locals. The owners’ Persian roots and taste for international goods brings in an abundant selection of hard to find groceries like pickles imported from Jerusalem, grape leaves from Lebanon, lamb from Australia, dates from California and the Middle East, and Harrisa sauce from Algeria to name a few.” We enjoyed lunch out on their patio, then walked Rocky back to  MUSC.

We made our way back via the College of Charleston. I know we stuck out like sore thumbs being the only people dressed in work clothes and with a stroller! The students running back and forth to classes, people were skate boarding, bike riding, and roller blading. So lively and energetic. Living in a college area like ECU or CoC really makes you feel youthful and so happy to be alive in the Fall. At home, Rocky and I can hear the band practicing in the evenings and you can witness the students getting used to campus again for the start of a new semester.

After the day was done, we went and met Rocky at MUSC to walk home together. The amount of people out and about walking, running, and bike riding is wonderful! Here, cars take second row to the pedestrians. I love that!

We felt like it was time to get out and get a bite to eat rather than staying inside. A lovely and cool evening called for dinner out on a patio. Leaf Cafe on Beaufain Street has a wonderful patio with a fantastic local vibe. We ordered the arugula salad with roasted beets, gourment cheese, and fried oysters. It was fantastic!

What a wonderful day in Charleston. I will never forget these weeks of being immersed in the low country among southern folks with a wonderful mix of culture all around me.