Its a great day! My family has come to town to visit.Yippee!!

Jennifer and Evan (her fiance) drove up from Atlanta where Evan had been taking a medical school exam. He and Rocky are classmates at Brody School of Medicine Fourth Year Medical School students. The boys have to take their final exam in Atlanta before they are ready to interview for residency which starts this coming year.

Meanwhile, Mom, Dad, and my grandmother Sissie drove down from Greenville, NC to stay with us. It is so neat that Evan and Jenn live on the same street as Rocky and I back in Greenville, Mom and Dad and Sissie live in Greenville, and Jenn, Mom and I work together everyday and yet, we all drove from separate states to meet in the middle to have dinner here in Charleston on this Monday night. Also, Jenn and Evan brought their dog Brody who is Brumby’s best buddy. When we opened the door for Brody to come inside, I thought they were going to die of excitement getting to see each other!

When they got into town, we had dinner at Leaf in their wonderful atmosphere. They have floor to 15′ ceiling doors that they open up like a big indoor/outdoor restaurant. It was such a fun time laughing and cutting up like we do back in Greenville but here in Charleston.

It has been a great evening and we have lots planned for Tuesday!