My wonderful family is still here staying with us! Today, I woke up like normal to take Rocky to school and then took the pooches for a walk. It was blowing a gale outside… maybe a cool system is blowing this way.

I decided that the family needed to go to Hominy Grill for a wonderful breakfast before we drove over to Beaufort to have lunch with my Grandmother Sissie’s sister Carol and her husband John Kellum. They live in Sea Pines in Hilton Head SC. Breakfast was fantastic with all of us there enjoying hominay grits, mile high biscuits, omelets and coffee.

I had never been to Beaufort before… it is AMAZING. I can not tell you how wonderful that quaint low country city is. We drove into the downtown area and I was immediately taken over with the oak trees ,the spanish moss and the salt air. It is fantastic. This area is the perfect blend of farming and salt water. I always thought you had to have either/ or. Being landlocked to enjoy the farming and growing produce on your land / or the ability to enjoy the water. But here, you can enjoy farming and water. It is a dream.

We made it to Beaufort and headed to lunch at Low Country Produce Market Cafe. This is a family that generations back lived in Greenville and were best friends with my grandparents but then moved to SC to start a business in canning and preserving produce. They have since made a wildly successful business out of it, shipping out product all over the world. The building they have their cafe and market in, is a restored and retrofitted government building. They have beautiful cabinets painted a crisp shade of green with a camera marble countertop.

Here is their description… check them out at Low Country Produce

“Lowcountry Produce is a purveyor of regional Southern delicacies from the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia. All of our products are handmade and handpacked using only all-natural ingredients.

The seasonal rhythm of family food production and preservation has nearly disappeared, but the memory of those delicious foods of the past still lingers. So about five years ago, Lowcountry Produce decided to collect our own regional and family recipes and produce those special foods to let people have a continuing connection to the way things used to be. Our efforts have been well received, and our customers have been glad to leave the canning and preserving process to us and reap the benefits of our labor by serving foods that are pretty close to what Grandma used to make.

We are an authentic Southern artisan company. We are true believers in our small-batch, hand-packed products. We support our local farmers. We make each product at the time when our ingredients are at their peak. Our recipes represent the best food traditions of the lowcountry.”

After enjoying a day in Beaufort, we made our way back to Charleston. We decided to eat dinner at Husk which is a fantastic restaurant. I am going to put pictures of that night on the next post! I have gotten behind in writing to you with my family keeping my schedule full!