Early morning trek over to the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant. We stopped by Saffron Cafe and Bakery to grab a to-go breafast before we headed of the Cooper River bridge.

We road all around the little residential area and marveled at the old houses. The history and the charm takes you over and is intoxicating. The air today had a cool and crisp breeze. Is it the change of the season with something new that makes us love it so, or is there a potion in the air that makes us fall in love with the Fall everytime it rolls around

We went to lunch at Vickerys on the water. This fun restaurant overlooks the unspoiled marshes as well as has a view of the downtown of Charleston. This area is packed with history and laid back time. Over lunch, we watched the shrimp boats come in and shell out their fresh catch. There is a dock right there on Shem Creek where the boats pull up to drop off their catch catch. Locals go and purchase fresh caught shrimp at the Geechee seafood stand. 

After a wonderful lunch, we headed back to Charleston. On the way, we passed an adorable wedding dress boutique that specializes in consignments. We saw some gorgeous dresses online and had to go since Jenn needed to buy a wedding dress. We asked if we could go without an appoinment and boy are we glad we did! It turned out to be amazing. We found the perfect dress, and Jenn bought one! How much fun is it to have all been together while in Charleston. Fabulous Frocks

Tonight, we went to Blossom to celebrate Jennifer’s purchase of a wedding dress. We got wonderful series of homemade pizzas and cocktails. Such a lovely dinner on their outdoor patio. The sun set over the Church street steeples. The rosy glow of the setting sun, the trickle of the outdoor fountain, and the smell of the wood stove made for a fantastic evening.

My family leaves tomorrow to go home… We leave on Saturday. I am definitely afraid of the feelings I will have when I leave here. It has felt like home. I plan to cope with my departure from Charleston by continuing on with writing to you about things. We are heading into a very exciting time as we will be traveling a lot to go to Rocky’s residency interviews that will take place all over the east coast. Make sure you stay in touch with me and the blog everyday because I will report on all the fun and challenging time ahead.