Hello from Greenville…

Walking into my house after this absence was so strange! I felt like I was home, but it I had a different perspective. I had been dreading, dreading this moment wanting to see if I felt good being home or sad to be back, and I am pleased to say it feels great to be home.

I found through your comments about my blog posts that we are all looking for the special things in our lives. You all enjoyed taking a trip with me because I helped you to escape from what you felt was the mundane. Well, I am here back in my normal world making a promise to myself and to you, that we are going to find the fun and the unimaginable in the normal. I am going to push every boundary I have known being from Greenville and living here for so long. I want to do something out of the norm everyday, and make this town suit my big world ideas.

Some of my goals are as follows:

1. Plant an organic Fall garden (we planted an organic summer garden with much success)

2. Teach Crew all the fun things there are to enjoy about Fall and Winter living in the south

3. Walk to the grocery store more than drive to the grocery store

4. Learn how to build and have a backyard chicken coop for fresh eggs

5. Take up yoga so these bones of mine stay youthful

6. Make my mornings, MY mornings and soak up the early hours with a sense of joy and thankfulness to be alive. No more waking up to frantically check my email to see who needs me or has a task for me. I owe it to myself and my family to be confident and happy, and that comes from waking up on the right side of the bed.

7. I plan to take time to enjoy the process of slow cooking and eating. No hurried “fast food” style dinners to get it over with. I want to savor the joy of meal time and having my hands in fresh, organic foods.

8. I want to take time all day everyday to warm up my imagination so I can be a fun and exciting buddy to Crew. I want to be able to flip the switch from “mom” to traveler of magical places and far away lands. My grandmother Sharlie had the most wonderful and wild imagination with me as a child, and it was she that made me love to read and build forts. She also taught me that a gnome may be waiting around the next bend in the path or that a fairy might be flitting around so always keep your mind open!

9. I want to pretend that I am new to the area and travel around eastern NC to experience the beauty here. I know in my heart that it has all the beauty and more of SC. We have rivers, mountains, oceans and all in between. What a blessing to live in such a varied landscape.

10. Last, yet the most important, I want to wake up  committing my day to God, so that He can make me be what he needs me to be for Him. I know that through this surrender, I will be better to my family, to my friends, and I will in turn enjoy the hell out of this life I have been given.


Stay with me! If you have any ideas, any at all, please tell me. I want to take my days ahead as valuable as gold