Two days in a row, I drug my derrière out of bed to walk the dogs with Crew in the stroller before the commotion of cars and the like gets going here around ECU. Boy can those college kids push their excellerator. I sound like my grandfather but they need to SLOW DOWN.

It is really therapeutic for me to have that time in the morning to control my thoughts and let my day start out on the right foot. The dogs are adorable now that they have had a little over a month of this routine of an early morning, pre-breakfast jaunt. They literally come to the edge of the bed and nudge my hand like, “Come on lady, we don’t have all day”. The pep in their step is so sweet. Stetson has been with us for 8 years now. He has seen every facet of our life. Rocky and I had just met when he got Stetson with the agreement that I would take care of him. Yeah RIGHT!! Rocky lived in the dorm here at ECU, and I lived in a house 8 yrs ago. Rocky and I drove with my sister and my roomate to pick out our Golden Retriever from a newspaper advertising a new litter outside of Bath, NC. I told Rocky that the dog was his, but I would gladly keep him at my house until he moved out of the dorm. Well that was all she wrote…I was in love with the dog and the boy before I could realize what was happening. That dog, as a puppy, watched me make it through the cut throat art and design program and Rocky make it through all the medical prerequisites. He would sit right there with us as we got our work done. Time passed and Stetson witnessed Rocky move out of the dorm, and he stayed my shadow with my all-nighters finishing school projects. He saw us become a family when Rocky and I got engaged and when we got married. Now, Stetson is still with us as we are a bigger family with Brumby and now with Crew. That dog is a trooper. There is no other way to look at him. I hope he knows how special he is and how much he is apart of our foundation. I am sure you can imagine I am tearing up as I write this! That boy still has a pep in his step and a mischevious streak! If I cant find the invaluable pacifier, all I have to do is find Stetson and its in his jaws!!! That dog has chewed up three of the BELOVED, only brand Crew will take, passies. He knows that is the way to get my attention.

Call me weird but I had a fun time personifying the stroller and thinking what it must think being in a different place now. I wore the treads down on its tires using it so much in Charleston… It saw horse poop from the carriages, cobblestone streets, palm fronds laying in the streets… now we are in Greenville and it runs over pine cones, gum balls(From the tree not from the students), and Fall leaves. I love the fact that the stroller just keeps us moving and doesn’t complain.

Rocky has been away for the second full day and night now of what will be a month, as he does his away rotation in Chapel Hill. I am flying solo for the month and not the happiest camper, but it makes me appreciate him being around. I fixed dinner tonight in the way of butternut squash soup with nutmeg and crumbled blue cheese,  and a salad with organic baby greens, poached organic eggs, organic pear and a tomato out of our garden. I feel like a broken record talking “organic this” and “organic that” but I am a true believer that some of our health problems come from the pesticides and chemicals that are absorbed in our food. I want to feed my family less food to be able to afford to feed them wholesome organic food. If you think about it, its not “new age” to eat organic and pure food. My great grandparents feed their family, with numerous children and many mouths to feed, off of their family farm. They didn’t call it organic back then because that was the only way. Farmers weren’t pressured into using genetically modified food so it would tolerate pesticides. They ate pure goodness because that was normal. I want it to be normal again. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong time period…

I am reading a book called “Tout Sweet” Hanging up High Heels for Real Life -by Karen Wheeler. It is biography and the author’s story of signing off of her successful/stressful lifestyle as a fashion editor to pursue a rustic and simple life in France restoring an old house. I am only in the first half, but I will let you know the highlights. Its addictive so far.

I hope you all are finding joy in the simple things. Even if it is just the most basic of things. God gives us joy on the path He created for us. Just open your eyes wide enough to see it.

I wanted to mention to check out our online store because you can now purchase tickets to our Fall Do-It-Yourself classes. Jenn is heading up a terrarium/ miniature garden class in October. If you go to, you can purchase tickets. We will have wine and small bites plus all the materials for the class! Bring your friends.