Hey there!

Jordan here. I want to tell you the good news that with Jennifer being an owner/ partner in the business now, she is going to be doing posts here as well to update you on what she is doing, what her fiancé Evan is up to (he is a fourth year medical student in Rocky’s class!), and what her sweet pooch Brody is getting into. Jenn, Marty and I have set up a studio at her house to work so we can have the dogs and Crew can play too. Its worked out so well. The shop and office are booming at the Jefferson Blount Harvey building. Its such a creative atmosphere there.Image

Today is a special day as Crew turns 6 months old. He has been movin and groovin over the past week. I can tell he is thinking about crawling… if he could only figure out how to get those legs up under him! Some of you may know that when he was born, there was “birth trauma” from being pulled on too hard which resulted in injury to the nerves in his neck and shoulder causing paralysis in his right arm. Through prayer that brought me to my knees on a daily basis, God healed Crew over these past 6 months. His physical therapist just cleared him as fully recovered. You can not look at him and tell there was ever a weakness to his arm. I am humbled by the grace of God and the miracle that he worked in this little munchkin. To see my sweet little baby for the first three months with a limp arm that had no gaurantee of being able to form muscle tone or coordinated movement, then progress to more movement every week, to now at 6 months of age not have any problems and a completely normal arm, its nothing short of a miracle. I can’t wait to fill Crew in on all he has to be thankful. I am thankful that I had this experience because it brought me to such a raw and basic footing and with having no control made me completely surrender. I learned through this that God’s plan is the ONLY plan even though we can not understand it all the time. I have a much greater understanding of what I can handle now as well as the opportunity for prayer to create miracles.

On business matters, we have just accepted one of the greatest jobs to date, I believe. We are now the interior design team for an in-fill residential apartment development inside the belt line at Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC. This is such an amazing opportunity for us to work on such a platform. The building is under construction as we speak. I will keep you updated on the progress. We will be installing the furniture this time next year if all goes as planned. We are getting ready to install all of the furniture and accessories for the developement call The Heritage at Arlington here in Greenville. You should stop in and see it in the next month or two. It is at the intersection of Arlington Blvd and Fifth street.

Rocky’s garden has been giving us a plentiful medley of lettuces over the past few weeks. The flavors of the arugula are so intense that Ive never tasted anything like it! Jenn loves to cook and she really could be a professional. Last night she brought a baguette over that she had been creating all weekend. She had to make the starter and let it rest for 24 hours then she got to work making the dough. It was AMAZING> She delivered it on parchment paper and included a mini baguette for Crew!



We dressed Crew up for Halloween in a little pair of Scrubs that my dear friend Jenny Oh Smith gave him as a present. She had it embroidered with Dr. Crew! It was precious!!Image

If you want to see more pictures of Crew, you can go to http://www.ChristianCrewProctor.shutterfly.com